Face Masks On U.S. Flight Now!

It was only a matter of time before airlines had to take action to address the rising fear and decreasing demand for commercial airline flights.

Every industry has been hit amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, but few have been hit harder than the commercial airline industry. Not only is this industry built around seating as many people in a limited area, but it also depends on passengers to sit together for long periods of time.

Both of these variables make air travel one of the highest chances to contract COVID-19, and passengers are staying away. Recent research shows that air travel in the U.S. is down almost 95% compared to last year.

That’s a huge drop, and airlines know that they need to adjust how they operate while improving customer trust if they want to survive another year. But how can airlines overcome the concerns and lack of demand while driving revenue?

American Airlines & Delta Airlines Change Rules For Face Masks

At the end of April, Delta and American Airlines announced that they would require all employees to wear a face mask. At the same time, they are handing out face masks to all passengers and providing hand wipes. These measures are meant to help passengers feel safer while also preventing the spread of the coronavirus in the plane.

The major airlines have already changed their cleaning procedures to disinfect areas with the highest chance of becoming contaminated. Areas like tray tables, seat belt buckles, and back-seat screens have been washed more thoroughly than they have in the past.

Should Passengers Wear A Fabric Face Mask On Each Flight?

In short, yes.

All passengers should wear a fabric face mask while flying on a commercial flight. Not only will a face mask help prevent the spread of the coronavirus while in tight quarters, but a mask can also help prevent passengers from breathing in air that has been contaminated.

Major airlines are strongly encouraging passengers to wear a mask during their flight. To back up this plan, flight attendants are handing out masks onboard the plane and at ticket counters.

While these masks are better than nothing, passengers could use a personalized fabric mask to help them show their unique style.

A fabric face mask is a must-have option for people who want to have more confidence in each flight while also protecting themselves and other passengers around them.

U.S. Airlines Catching Up To Canadian Airlines

Major Canadian airlines already require air travelers wear a mask or other facial coverings. This requirement went into effect on April 20. As a result, all passengers on all flights go to and from Canadian airports must show that they have a mask or face covering before they can board the flight.

In addition to showing the mask before they take off, they also have to wear the face mask at screening checkpoints. Canadian air travelers have already come to appreciate the unique style and protection that fabric face masks bring to the table while flying on a commercial plane!

Protect Yourself On Commercial Air Planes

If you are traveling on a commercial airline, then you should wear a fabric face mask while going through checkpoints and while on the plane. These points of contact have the highest chance to put you in contact with contaminated surfaces and air particles that carry the coronavirus.

Be sure to check with your airline before you arrive at the airport, and check out our huge selection of fabric face masks to help you stay safe and look great!