Do I Need To Wear A Face Mask In Public In Osceola County?

My wife and I live in Orange County, FL, which is a few miles away from Osceola County. Just a few days ago Osceola County officials announced that they are requiring all residents to wear a face mask in public.

Times are crazy!

For people not familiar with Osceola County, here’s a list of the biggest cities in the county:

  • Buenaventura Lakes
  • Campbell
  • Celebration
  • Four Corners CDP
  • Kissimmee
  • Poinciana
  • Saint Cloud
  • Yeehaw Junction

The requirement for Osceola County residents to wear a face mask in public came through an emergency order that requires facial coverings when in public places where social distancing may not be maintained at all times.

There is an exception to the order because children under 2 years old and certain health professionals won’t need to wear a fabric face mask when in public at all times.

Why Is Osceola County Requiring Face Masks?

The county announced on Friday that residents need to wear a mask out in public since the CDC has confirmed that face masks help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. While citizens can wear bandanas and scarves, many residents say that fabric face masks work best because they look complete and help them stand out in a crowd.

Whatever type of face covering is chosen, the cover must go over a person’s nose and mouth. In addition, the covering needs to be able to remain in place without using your hands.

This means that Osceola County residents will need to choose a face mask that is fixed to their faces, usually by ties behind their heads or elastic bands that go around their ears.

Are There Penalties For Not Wearing A Mask In Public?

Initially, county officials put a fine and even jail time as punishment for people caught not wearing a fabric face mask in public. However, On Tuesday, April 13, officials reversed their position and removed the fine and threat of jail time.

The decision to reverse the penalties came because officials didn’t think that it was right to threaten people with $500 fines and 60 days in jail to make them wear a mask. These types of penalties were thought to be overreach and many citizens and even two county commissioners voiced their concerns.

Where Can I Buy Fabric Face Masks In Osceola County?

There are plenty of places selling cloth face masks, but most of the stores are either out of stock or out of the state so shipping can take a long time.

The good news is that you can buy your own reusable cloth face masks from a local, family-owned business right here in Florida!

The team at Reclaimed Stitches has been selling fabric face masks for a few weeks, and we have already supplied hundreds of masks to local families and community leaders.

You can choose the type of face mask depending on your preferences and needs. Our drawstring face masks are perfect for people who need to take a quick trip to the store, while our elastic masks are great for healthier professionals that people with limited mobility like arthritis.

We look forward to helping our friends in Osceola County, FL get the fabric face masks they need to comply with local regulations and look great at the same time! Check out our cloth face masks today to get started!